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An adjunction inequality for the Bauer-Furuta type invariants, with applications to sliceness and 4-manifold topology

  title={An adjunction inequality for the Bauer-Furuta type invariants, with applications to sliceness and 4-manifold topology},
  author={Nobuo Iida and Anubhav Mukherjee and Masaki Taniguchi},
We give infinitely many knots in S3 that are not smoothly H-slice (that is, bounding a null-homologous disk) in many 4-manifolds but they are topologically H-slice. In particular, we give such knots in punctured elliptic surfaces E(2n). In addition, we give obstructions to codimension-0 embedding of weak symplectic fillings with b3 = 0 into closed symplectic 4-manifolds with b1 = 0 and b + 2 ≡ 3 mod 4. We also show that any weakly symplectically fillable 3-manifold bounds a 4-manifold with at… 

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