An adaptive algorithm to prevent SQL injection

  title={An adaptive algorithm to prevent SQL injection},
  author={Ashish John and Ajay Kumar Agarwal and Manish Bhardwaj},
SQL Injection attacks are one of the top most threats for application written for the web. SQL Injection is a type of attack in which the attacker uses SQL commands to gain access or make changes to data. It allows attacker to obtain unauthorized access to the database to change the intended queries. In the web environment, end user privacy is one of the most controversial legal issues. Using SQL Injection, an attacker can leak confidential information such as credit card no. ATM Pin, User… Expand
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A Detailed Study on Prevention of SQLI attacks for Web Security
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A Two-Phase Pattern Matching-parse Tree Validation Approach for Efficient SQL Injection Attacks Detection
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SQL Injection Behavior Mining Based Deep Learning
The scheme proposed in this article extracts the characteristics of the HTTP traffic in the training sets and uses the deep neural network LSTM and the MLP training data sets, the final predictive capacity of the testing sets is over 99%. Expand


An Efficient Technique for Detection and Prevention of SQL Injection Attack using ASCII Based String Matching
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A Classification of SQL-Injection Attacks and Countermeasures
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Blocking of SQL Injection Attacks by Comparing Static and Dynamic Queries
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SQL Injection Detection and Prevention Using Input Filter Technique
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Using parse tree validation to prevent SQL injection attacks
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