An adaptive ARQ timeout approach for audio streaming over Bluetooth


Streaming audio has become a popular form of media on the Internet. As wireless personal area network architectures (e.g. Bluetooth) are now targeted to support multimedia traffic, streaming audio over these technologies will give rise to interesting applications. But, the variable nature of the wireless medium will not lend itself easily to supporting audio streaming. In this paper we focus on Bluetooth and propose an enhancement to the Bluetooth link layer ARQ mechanism to compensate for channel degradation and to better support audio streaming. Specifically, our scheme adaptively sets the ARQ timeout value based on current channel conditions. We show through simulation and testbed experiments that the adaptive ARQ improves the streaming quality significantly compared to the “vanilla” link layer of Bluetooth, especially in noisy environments. Our proposed approach is simple to implement and can actually be extended to the link layer of any wireless technologies.

DOI: 10.1504/IJWMC.2009.029345

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