An abundance of small exoplanets around stars with a wide range of metallicities

  title={An abundance of small exoplanets around stars with a wide range of metallicities},
  author={Lars A. Buchhave and David Latham and Anders Johansen and Martin Bizzarro and Guillermo Torres and Jason F. Rowe and Natalie M. Batalha and William J. Borucki and Erik J. Brugamyer and Caroline Caldwell and Stephen T. Bryson and David R. Ciardi and William D. Cochran and Michael Endl and Gilbert A. Esquerdo and Eric B. Ford and John C. Geary and Ronald L. Gilliland and Terese Holst Hansen and Howard Isaacson and John Laird and Philip W. Lucas and Geoffrey W. Marcy and Jon A. Morse and Paul Robertson and Avi Shporer and Robert P. Stefanik and Martin D. Still and Samuel N. Quinn},
The abundance of heavy elements (metallicity) in the photospheres of stars similar to the Sun provides a ‘fossil’ record of the chemical composition of the initial protoplanetary disk. Metal-rich stars are much more likely to harbour gas giant planets, supporting the model that planets form by accumulation of dust and ice particles. Recent ground-based… CONTINUE READING

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