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An X-Shooter view of the symbiotic star [JD2002] 11

  title={An X-Shooter view of the symbiotic star [JD2002] 11},
  author={Marcin Hajduk and Mariusz Gromadzki and J Mikołajewska and Brent Miszalski and Igor Soszy'nski},
  journal={arXiv: Solar and Stellar Astrophysics},
We aimed to verify the nature and derive the basic parameters of the symbiotic star candidate [JD2002] 11. For this purpose, we obtained and analysed an X-Shooter spectrum of [JD2002] 11. We also used optical and infrared photometry available for the object. Emission-line diagnostic ratios are characteristic of a dusty type symbiotic star and reveal a two-component nebula (low- and high-density). The spectral energy distribution is well fitted with a two-component blackbody spectrum with the… 

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