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An Update on the Existence of Kirkman Triple Systems with Subdesigns

  title={An Update on the Existence of Kirkman Triple Systems with Subdesigns},
  author={Peter J. Dukes and Esther R. Lamken},
A Kirkman triple system of order v, KTS(v), is a resolvable Steiner triple system on v elements. In this paper, we investigate an open problem posed by Doug Stinson, namely the existence of KTS(v) which contain as a subdesign a Steiner triple system of order u, an STS(u). We present several different constructions for designs of this form. As a consequence, we completely settle the extremal case v = 2u+ 1, for which a list of possible exceptions had remained for close to 30 years. Our new… 

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The read would be well advised to have knowledge of primWe roots and residua classes modultb primes, as well as of finite Gcllois ficlde5, necessary to understand the problems of inequality in this paper.