An Update on Progress at KamLAND

  • Published 2002


The first generation of solar neutrino experiments narrowed the allowed flavor mixing and mass parameter solutions (for νe ↔ νx) to a few isolated regions of sin 2θ−∆M parameter space. Recently, the Small Mixing Angle (SMA) solution (sin2θ ∼ 10 → 10 and ∆M ∼ 10 eV), and the “just so” (∆M < 10eV) solutions have been disfavored by results from Super-Kamiokande 1 2 and SNO . The Kamioka Liquid scintillator Anti-Neutrino Detector (KamLAND) recently became operational, and is particularly sensitive to the Large Mixing Angle (LMA) region (sin2θ ∼ 1 and ∆M ∼ 10 → 10 eV). We believe the background impurity levels in the detector are low enough to conduct a successful experiment. The stability of the central balloon and PMTs has also been confirmed.

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