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An Update of the ABMP16 PDF Fit

  title={An Update of the ABMP16 PDF Fit},
  author={Sergey I. Alekhin and Johannes Bluemlein and S. Moch},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology},
We present an updated version of the ABMP16 nucleon PDFs, which is tuned by using recent precise data on $W$- and $Z/\gamma^*$-production at the LHC and the final HERA data on DIS $c$- and $b$-quark production and by imposing a stringent $Q^2$-cut on the inclusive DIS data in order to avoid the impact of higher twist terms at small $x$ at HERA. The new $W$- and $Z$-boson production data, in particular the updated version of the ATLAS data at the c.m.s. energy 7 TeV, are well accommodated into… 
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