An Unsymmetrized Multifrontal LU Factorization


A well-known approach to compute the LU factorization of a general unsymmetric matrix A is to build the elimination tree associated with the pattern of the symmetric matrix A + A and use it as a computational graph to drive the numerical factorization. This approach, although very eÆcient on a large range of unsymmetric matrices, does not capture the… (More)
DOI: 10.1137/S0895479800375370


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@article{Amestoy2002AnUM, title={An Unsymmetrized Multifrontal LU Factorization}, author={Patrick Amestoy and Chiara Puglisi-Amestoy}, journal={SIAM J. Matrix Analysis Applications}, year={2002}, volume={24}, pages={553-569} }