An Unrecognized Synonym of Sumerian sukkal, “Vizier”

  title={An Unrecognized Synonym of Sumerian sukkal, “Vizier”},
  author={Frans A. M. Wiggermann},
OB Sumerian lagarx, spelled SAL.^UB rather than DILMUN, is deflned äs a synonym of sukkal, "vizier", and appears to be the missing EG form corresponding to ES la-bar, l i -biir = sukkallu, ardu. The ES forme la-bar , l i -bii r do correspond not only to EG lagarx, but also to EG lagar, nimgir , and possibly l u k u r and nu-bar . In the third millennium lagarx and sukkal may have denoted difierent officials. 
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n imir / , /libir/ B56); bailiff, sheriff;57 wr
  • NIMGIR (NfMGiR), ES: ni-mi-ir , li-bi-ir.58 Synopsis of ES forme: la-bar l i -b i - i r / labar/ A /labar/ B [/labar/ C] [/labar/ D] / l ibir / A /libir/ B see see see see see see /lagar/ A /lagar/ B /lukur/ /nubar / /lagar/ A /nigir/ 55 See Krecher, Festschrift L. Matouö II (1978) 54; Edzard, ZA
  • 1984