An Unrecognized Juridical Term in the Yabneh-Yam Lawsuit and in an Unnoticed Biblical Parallel

  title={An Unrecognized Juridical Term in the Yabneh-Yam Lawsuit and in an Unnoticed Biblical Parallel},
  author={V. Sasson},
  journal={Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research},
  pages={57 - 63}
  • V. Sasson
  • Published 1978
  • Philosophy
  • Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research
L'ostracon de Mesad Hashavyahu (Yavne-Yam) du VIIs. av. J.-C. Lignes 11b-14a. Sens du verbe ml'.Les interpretations proposees. Eclairage grâce a IRois1:11-22, ou le verbe ml', intervenant dans une scene de caractere judiciaire evident, signifie clairement "confirmer". Les lignes 11b-11a de Yavne-Yam peuvent alors se traduire: "Je jure (moi, pauvre moissonneur) que je suis innocent de toute faute. Je te prie (toi, le gouverneur, sar) de me rendre mon vetement de sorte que je sois justifie… Expand
The Genre of the Meṣad Ḥashavyahu Ostracon
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A Brief Note on Meṣad Ḥashavyahu Ostracon, 1. 12: wʾmlʾ
  • D. Pardee
  • History
  • Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research
  • 1980
Victor Sasson has recently proposed (1978) a new solution for the problematic w'mP in the Hebrew ostracon from Mes Hashavyahu (for bibliography, see Sasson 1978). The purpose of this note is to pointExpand
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L ' ostracon de Mesad Hashavyahu ( Yavneh - Yam ) . Replack dans son contexte
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Ein Bittschriftentwurf eines Sabbatschainders ( KAI 200 )
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