An Unholy Alliance? Racism, Religion and Communalism

  title={An Unholy Alliance? Racism, Religion and Communalism},
  author={Arun Kundnani},
  journal={Race \& Class},
  pages={71 - 80}

To Be or Not to Be South Asian: Contemporary Indian American Politics

There are two major types of coalitional alliances that ethnic groups have developed in the U.S.: coalitions based on continent of origin and coalitions based on religious affiliation. What are the

‘Our Faith Was Also Hijacked by Those People’: Reclaiming Muslim Identity in Canada in a Post-9/11 Era

Although it has been acknowledged in academic literature that many Muslims asserted their Muslim identity after 9/11, this social process has yet to be theorised. Utilising a case study of 30 young

Precarious and model minorities: Sikh identities in the ‘new’ global politics of religion

ABSTRACT In many parts of the world, Sikhs have come to be perceived as a ‘model' minority – so much so that some have critiqued the Sikh community for taking up positions that are perceived as

No-Fly Lists, National Security and Race: The Experiences of Canadian Muslims

Despite the increasing use of no-fly lists in countries like the United States, United Kingdom and Canada, their impact has not been explored in academic research. In a bid to fill this gap, we

Crossing Borders and Managing Racialized Identities: Experiences of Security and Surveillance Among Young Canadian Muslims

While it is widely acknowledged that Canadian Muslims are targeted at airports and borders, few studies have focused on their actual experiences of state surveillance practices. Moreover, little

Immigration policy and the role of political discourses in the relationship between foreign nationals and crime in England and Wales

Significant criminological attention has been given to the relationship between immigration and crime. However, this relationship has not been researched in the UK to any great extent, and

Explaining the early twenty-first century electoral success of the British National Party : Nuneaton 2008 as a case study

Popular support for the British National Party (BNP) in England reached unprecedented high levels during the early twentieth century. The BNP won a number of local council and European Parliament

British-Born Pakistani and Bangladeshi Young Men: Exploring Unstable Concepts of Muslim, Islamophobia and Racialization

Much recent academic work on making sense of the changing public profile of the Muslim community in Britain operates within an explanatory framework that assumes a shift from ethnicity to religion

and the market: The case of young, working-class, British-Pakistani Muslim women//Falah

  • Sociology
  • 2013
: The paper evaluates the burst in geographical research on religion in the last decade. It examines: (1) the relative emphases and silences in analyses of different sites of religious practice,

Sikh Formations: Religion, Culture, Theory

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