An Unfinished History of Electronic Music

  title={An Unfinished History of Electronic Music},
  author={Otto Clarence Luening},
  journal={Music Educators Journal},
  pages={145 - 43}
  • O. Luening
  • Published 1 November 1968
  • Psychology
  • Music Educators Journal

The Enabling Instrument: Milton Babbitt and the RCA Synthesizer

In this paper, I review some of the claims about electronic sound synthesis and human subjectivity that were made in the name of RCA’s first electroacoustic sound synthesiser, as it was understood by

Breaking Silence, Breaching Censorship: "Ongoing Interculturality" in Alice Shields's Electronic Opera Apocalypse

on a warm summer’s eve in 1990, American composer Alice Shields visited her friend, Columbia university colleague, and fellow composer Daria Semegen. under the stars outside Semegen’s home in Stony

Hearing the Music of Others: Pierre Schaeffer's Humanist Interdiscipline

ABSTRACT:This article presents a political archaeology of Pierre Schaeffer's ethics of listening as it appeared in his 1966 Treatise on Musical Objects. Through close readings of writing and teaching

The Archives of the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center

This article presents a brief history of the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center (CPEMC), and an overview of its archives. The Center was one of the earliest and most influential centers of

Suivi de tempo appliqué aux musiques improvisées, à la recherche du temps perdu. . .

Cette these a pour objet le temps musical pulse : un temps qui induit une sensation de rythme, de pulsation. Musique Improvisee : musique avant tout exposee, composee ou non et independamment d'un

A Survey of the Instruction of Sight-Reading Skills to Undergraduate Piano Majors in Selected NASM Colleges and Universities

There was a strong agreement among respondents that there was a need for the development of a program to enable the usage of CAI, and there were ten recommendations, ranging from the addition of sight-reading skills classes to conferences among teachers and computer programmers, to devise suitable programs to assist in the instruction of Sight- Reading skills.