An Ultra Stable Oscillator for the 3GM experiment of the JUICE mission

  title={An Ultra Stable Oscillator for the 3GM experiment of the JUICE mission},
  author={Aviv Shapira and Avinoam Stern and Shemi Prazot and Rony Mann and Yefim Barash and Edoardo V. Detoma and Benny Levy},
  journal={2016 European Frequency and Time Forum (EFTF)},
An Ultra Stable Oscillator is being developed by AccuBeat (named USO) for the Gravity and Geophysics of Jupiter and the Galilean Moons (3GM) radio occultation experiment of the ESA JUICE mission. This paper reviews the oscillator design and the critical issues to be tackled. The USO is a compact 15×13×10cm3 oscillator, based on a quartz crystal resonator and highly stable double oven. A Partial Engineering Model of (PEM) was built and tested in thermal vacuum. The PEM with 5MHz output has… 
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