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An Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Non-Binary Polar Coded SCMA Scheme

  title={An Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Non-Binary Polar Coded SCMA Scheme},
  author={Shufeng Li and Mingyu Cai and Libiao Jin and Yao Sun and Hongda Wu and Ping Wang},
  • Shufeng Li, Mingyu Cai, +3 authors Ping Wang
  • Published 19 October 2021
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • ArXiv
The joint transmission scheme of polar codes and sparse code multiple access (SCMA) has been regarded as a promising technology for future wireless communication systems. However, most of the existing polar-coded SCMA (PC-SCMA) systems suffer from high latency caused by the feedback iteration and list decoding. In addition, the error performance of PCSCMA systems is unsatisfactory for ultra-reliable transmission. Inspired by the compelling benefits of non-binary polar codes, in this paper, we… 


Joint detection and decoding of polar-coded SCMA systems
A joint detection and decoding (JDD) method of polar-coded SCMA system is proposed for the first time, which can highly improve the performance of the polar-SCMA systems.
Iterative Receiver Design for Polar-Coded SCMA Systems
An edge-cancellation-aided iterative detection and decoding (EC-IDD) algorithm is proposed for polar-coded sparse code multiple access (SCMA), which jointly performs Gaussian-approximated message
Low-Complexity CRC Aided Joint Iterative Detection and SCL Decoding Receiver of Polar Coded SCMA System
Simulation results demonstrate that the CAJIDS receiver has better error rate performance than the joint iterative detection and decoding (JIDD) receiver and it also outperforms the LDPC coded SCMA (LDPC-SCMA) system.
Improving Polar-Coded SCMA System by Information Coupling and Parity Check
Simulation results demonstrate that the PIC PCCA-PC-SCMA system outperforms the other polar (or LDPC) coded SCMA systems at various code rates and channel configurations and the complexity is reduced at a high Eb/N0.
The optimization scheme for joint iterative detection and decoding of polar coded SCMA system
A serial joint iterative detection and decoding scheme is proposed by passing message between serial max-log message passing algorithm and soft cancellation (SCAN) algorithm, the strategy can accelerate the algorithm convergence speed by reducing the number of required iterations, decrease the computational complexity and achieve ideal bit error rate (BER) performance.
Polar coded iterative multiuser detection for sparse code multiple access system
Simulation results demonstrate that significant improvement in error performance is achieved by the proposed polar-coded SCMA in additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) channels, where the performance of the conventional SISO belief propagation (BP) polar decoder aided SCMA, the turbo coded SCMA and the low-density parity-check (LDPC) codedSCMA are employed as benchmarks.
Joint Channel Estimation and Decoding for Polar Coded SCMA System Over Fading Channels
A joint channel estimation and decoding (JCD) scheme to enhance the performance of polar coded SCMA system and proposes a soft successive cancellation list decoding algorithm by calculating the path metric from an LLR based logarithm method.
Hybrid Iterative Detection and Decoding of Near-Instantaneously Adaptive Turbo-Coded Sparse Code Multiple Access
An adaptive turbo-coded SCMA system for mitigating the influence of multipath propagation so that the system's bits per symbol (BPS) throughput may be improved under favorable channel conditions by using the most appropriate near-instantaneous user load, modulation order and coding rate.
A High Performance Joint Detection and Decoding Scheme for LDPC Coded SCMA System
A factor graph based high performance Joint Detection and Decoding scheme for the Low Density Parity Check code (LDPC) coded SCMA system and a message damping aided reduced complexity JDD scheme (RC-JDD) to achieve a lower complexity.
Design and Optimization of Joint Iterative Detection and Decoding Receiver for Uplink Polar Coded SCMA System
This paper proposes the joint iterative detection and decoding (JIDD) receiver for the uplink polar coded sparse code multiple access (PC-SCMA) system and investigates the performance of the JIDD receiver, using the EXIT chart to investigate its performance.