An SDRE-Based Approach for HIV Feedback Control and Control of Thin Film Growth in a CVD Reactor

  title={An SDRE-Based Approach for HIV Feedback Control and Control of Thin Film Growth in a CVD Reactor},
  author={H. Banks and S. C. Beeler and H. Kwon and B. M. Lewis and J. Toivanen and H. Tran},
  journal={IFAC Proceedings Volumes},
Abstract A number of computational methodologies have been proposed in the literature to design and synthesize feedback controls when the plant is modeled by nonlinear dynamical systems. One of the highly promising and rapidly emerging methodologies for designing nonlinear controllers is the state-dependent Riccati equation (SDRE) method in the context of the nonlinear regulator problem. In essence, SDRE mimics the linear quadratic regulator theory by using direct parametrization to rewrite the… Expand
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