An Overview of the Mining History and Geology of Butte, Montana

  title={An Overview of the Mining History and Geology of Butte, Montana},
  author={Christopher H. Gammons and John J. Metesh and Terence E. Duaime},
  journal={Mine Water and the Environment},
High incidence of brain and other nervous system cancer identified in two mining counties, 2001-2015.
The high incidence rate of the brain cancer in the two age groups requires public health action. Expand
Integrated geophysical methods to characterize urban subsidence in Butte, Montana, U.S.A.
Abstract Geophysical investigations, designed to characterize unique subsidence features of unknown natural origin, provide imaging analysis of potential causes of subsidence. Recent subsidence inExpand
Integrated geophysical methods to characterize subsidence in Butte , Montana ,
13 Geophysical investigations, designed to characterize unique subsidence features of unknown 14 natural origin, provide imaging analysis of potential causes of subsidence. Recent subsidence in theExpand
Population-based mortality data suggests remediation is modestly effective in two Montana Superfund counties
It is suggested that while mortality is elevated, it is also decreasing over time for these two Superfund sites. Expand
Effects of Flow Regime on Metal Concentrations and the Attainment of Water Quality Standards in a Remediated Stream Reach, Butte, Montana.
Low-flow synoptic sampling results indicate that concentrations of most constituents meet aquatic standards, in contrast to findings from a diel sampling campaign that captured dramatic increases in concentrations during rainfall runoff. Expand
Geochemistry of Trace Metals and Rare Earth Elements in Stream Water, Stream Sediments and Acid Mine Drainage from Darrehzar Copper Mine, Kerman, Iran
Darrehzar porphyry copper mine is located 10 km south of the famous Sarcheshmeh porphyry copper mine in Kerman province, Iran. Water and sediment samples in the Darrehzar porphyry copper mine wereExpand
Hydrologic response to channel reconfiguration on Silver Bow Creek, Montana☆
Hydrologic residence time in streams is rarely considered as a response variable for assessing restoration design strategies. However, residence time is an important control on ecosystem processesExpand


A Survey of the Geochemistry of Flooded Mine Shaft Water in Butte, Montana
Abstract.This paper outlines general trends in the geochemistry of the more than 10,000 km of flooded underground mine workings in the Butte mining district. The waters in question range in pH from 4Expand
Distribution of Organic Carbon in the Berkeley Pit Lake, Butte, Montana
Abstract.The concentration of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in the Berkeley pit lake water ranges from 2 to 4 mg/L, and is comparable to that of its inflow waters. On the dates sampled, the DOCExpand
Long Term Changes in the Limnology and Geochemistry of the Berkeley Pit Lake, Butte, Montana
Abstract.The Berkeley pit lake in Butte, Montana is one of the largest accumulations of acid mine drainage in the world. The pit lake began filling in 1983, and continues to fill at a rate of roughlyExpand
Bioprospecting in the Berkeley pit: Bio active metabolites from acid mine waste extremophiles
Although conditions within the Pit Lake System are toxic for “normal” aquatic biota, these same conditions represent an ideal environment for extremophiles, and this hostile environment may also select for new species that produce novel secondary metabolites. Expand
Geochemistry and stable isotope composition of the Berkeley pit lake and surrounding mine waters, Butte, Montana
Abstract Samples of mine water from Butte, Montana were collected for paired geochemical and stable isotopic analysis. The samples included two sets of depth profiles from the acidic Berkeley pitExpand
Fate and transport of metals in H2S-rich waters at a treatment wetland
The aqueous geochemistry of Zn, Cu, Cd, Fe, Mn and As is discussed within the context of an anaerobic treatment wetland in Butte, Montana. The water being treated had a circum-neutral pH with highExpand
Hazardous wastes from large-scale metal extraction. A case study
Caracterisation des types de pollution (primaire, secondaire et tertiaire) resultant de l'extraction de minerais a grande echelle. Discussion des impacts sur la geochimie, l'hydrologie,Expand
Deep hypogene oxidation of porphyry copper potassium-silicate protore at Butte, Montana; a theoretical evaluation of the copper remobilization hypothesis
The oxidation effects of potassium-silicate protores from heated meteoric water have been thermodynamically computed and confirm previously described copper vein-forming mechanisms involving hypogeneExpand
Early fracture-controlled disseminated mineralization at Butte, Montana
Solution transport through intensely fractured quartz monzonite wall rock resulted in the formation of a large-tonnage, low-grade mineralized zone in the Butte district before the formation of theExpand