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An Overview of the Joint Warfare System (JWARS)

  title={An Overview of the Joint Warfare System (JWARS)},
  author={D. Maxwell},

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Winning at sea: Developing a method to provide insight in early stage naval fleet design requirements.
This research is to define a winning fleet and to create a method that can provide insight in how such a fleet can be obtained and maintained and to help with the iterative process of balancing the operational need and design requirements with the feasibility and affordability that occurs within the early design stages of naval fleet design. Expand
Research on BOM based composable modeling method
From the prototype developed and accumulative model stocks, this method could increase the reuse and interoperability of models and made a conclusion on composable modeling method based on BOM. Expand
The Study of Military Simulative Training Based on "Network in the Loop"
The paper put forwarded the new idea of military simulative training based on “network in the loop”, which embedded the military communication network in the simulativeTraining loop through the utilizing of High Level Architecture (HLA), network simulation technology and etc. Expand
A Model of Command and Control Processes for JWARS: Test Results from Controlled Experiments and Simulation Runs
Abstract : The purpose of this paper is to provide a basic model to aid assessment of the effects of changes in C2 on combat outcomes in JWARS. We lay out essential elements of a general ComplexExpand
An Object-Oriented GIS Toolkit for Web-Based and Dynamic Decision Analysis Applications
The GeoViewer provides transparent linkage to any object’s data and behaviors as well as optimized spatial geometry representation, and a rich layer hierarchy allows arbitrary grouping of objects on the basis of any relationship. Expand
JWARS output analysis
JWARS (Joint WARfare System) is being equipped with a growing set of tools for the micro-analysis of single replications and for macro-analysis across multiple replications. These include toolsExpand
The Joint Warfare System (JWARS): a modeling and analysis tool for the Defense Department
  • G. Stone, G. A. McIntyre
  • Computer Science
  • Proceeding of the 2001 Winter Simulation Conference (Cat. No.01CH37304)
  • 2001
JWARS engineers and domain experts have developed high-level abstractions of sensor and communications systems, the related information flows, imperfect perceptions of the battle-space, and command decision-making. Expand


A Survey of Theater Combat Models: Tools That Support DOD's Strategic Analysis and Policy Development
  • CAA Memorandum Report
  • 1997
The Theater-Level Campaign Model: A Research Prototype for a New Generation of Combat Analysis Model
Abstract : RAND has developed and used models of military combat for several decades. Over the years, model-building capabilities have improved dramatically in computer capacity and speed, softwareExpand
Air Power's Quest for Strategic Paralysis