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An Overview of Radiofrequency/Microwave Radiation Studies Relevant to Wireless Communications and Data

  title={An Overview of Radiofrequency/Microwave Radiation Studies Relevant to Wireless Communications and Data},
  author={Cindy Sage},
The basis for decision-making about a relationship between electromagnetic fields radiofrequency and microwave radiation and adverse health effects at low intensity exposures rests on two key areas. The first is the “weight of the scientific evidence” pointing to a relationship betweeen RF/MW and illness. The scientific evidence needs to be reported to decision-makers in a format that is concise, understandable and accurate. 
Human Health Effects from Radiofrequency and Microwave Fields
In this paper we talk about probable biological effects of electromagnetic fields of mobile communication and other source of Radiofrequency (RF) and Microwave (MW) fields. Probable effects i.e.Expand
Effect of Presence of Human Body on Antenna Gain
This paper focuses on the interaction between two types of antenna (Slot Coupled Patch Antenna and Probe Feed Patch Antenna) and human head model at 835MHz. Real experiments on human body andExpand
The Effect of Cellphone Radiation on Hematological Blood Cell Factors In BALB/C Mice
It can be concluded that microwaves have significant effects on the blood of mice and it is suggested that further studies be conducted in this area to confirm the findings. Expand
An applicator for uniform heating using perpendicular slots on a concentric cylindrical cavity excited by perpendicular waveguides
This paper presents an applicator that provides uniform heating by using perpendicular slots on a concentric cylindrical cavity excited by perpendicular waveguides. A concentric cylindrical cavity isExpand
An evaluation of the effects of long-term cell phone use on the testes via light and electron microscope analysis.
Although the cells that had been exposed to long-term, low-dose EMF did not present any findings that were contrary to the control conditions, the changes observed during ultrastructural examination gave the impression that significant changes may occur if the study period were to be extended. Expand
Mobile phone radiation during pubertal development has no effect on testicular histology in rats
It is demonstrated that mobile phones with a low specific absorption rate have no harmful effects on pubertal rat testicles. Expand
Does Use of a Cell Phone Affect Cognition
This research examined the effects that a cell phone distraction had on subjects completing a maze task. Twenty-four subjects participated in the study (12 Younger subjects and 12 Older subjects; 14Expand
Environmental Medicine Evaluation of Electromagnetic Fields


Lymphomas in E mu-Pim1 transgenic mice exposed to pulsed 900 MHZ electromagnetic fields.
Long-term intermittent exposure to RF fields can enhance the probability that mice carrying a lymphomagenic oncogene will develop lymphomas, and it is suggested that such genetically cancer-prone mice provide an experimental system for more detailed assessment of dose-response relationships for risk of cancer after RF-field exposure. Expand
Temporal bisection in rats: the effects of high-peak-power pulsed microwave irradiation.
The observation of repeatable dose-response effects on discriminability and null responses indicates that the microwave exposures were affecting cognitive function in the rats, particularly the decision-making process. Expand
The effect of a 50 Hz magnetic field on cognitive function in humans.
These tests indicated at least temporary deterioration in attention, and working and secondary memory performance while a 50 Hz field is applied, and it was not possible to be sure if these effects were persistent. Expand
Role of modulation on the effect of microwaves on ornithine decarboxylase activity in L929 cells.
Comparison of results suggests that effects are much more robust when the modulation causes low-frequency periodic changes in the amplitude of the microwave carrier. Expand
DNA damage in Molt-4 T-lymphoblastoid cells exposed to cellular telephone radiofrequency fields in vitro
Abstract Molt-4 T-lymphoblastoid cells have been exposed to pulsed signals at cellular telephone frequencies of 813.5625 MHz (iDEN® signal) and 836.55 MHz (TDMA signal). These studies were performedExpand
Hyperactivity caused by a nitric oxide synthase inhibitor is countered by ultra-wideband pulses.
Reduction and cancellation of effects of L-NAME suggest activation of opposing mechanism(s) by the UWB pulses, possibly including increase of nitric oxide production by NOS, as well as more effective on locomotor activity than on thermal nociception in CF-1 mice. Expand
Mobile phones and human heads
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In vitro and in vivo genetic effects of microwaves from mobile telephone frequencies in human and rat peripheral blood lymphocytes in :
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