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An Overview of Long-Term Care in Canada and Selected Provinces and Territories

  title={An Overview of Long-Term Care in Canada and Selected Provinces and Territories},
  author={Albert Banerjee},

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Que(e)ring Home Care: Older Lesbian and Bisexual Women's Experiences of Accessing and Receiving Care Services
The findings of this thesis reveal that attitudes around gender, sexuality and sexual practices affect individuals’ need for home care, their access to care and their experiences of receiving home care.
Long-Term Care for Older Lesbian and Bisexual Women: An Analysis of Current Research and Policy
Feminist political economy analysis is used to demonstrate that a gap exists in current research and policy with respect to the LTC needs of older lesbian and bisexual women.
Pathways of Participation by Older Adults Living in Continuing Care Homes: A Constructivist Grounded Theory Study
ABSTRACT Introduction and objectives: Participation in meaningful activities has psychological, physical, social and cognitive benefits for older adults living in continuing care homes. The
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Canada is aging rapidly in recent years. Today, about 17 percent of the Canadian population is 65 or older. Although most seniors are aging at home (93 percent), an increasing number of elders are
Nursing assistants and resident satisfaction in long-term care: A systematic review.
A positive relationship between aged-care resident satisfaction and NAs job satisfaction was identified and the important role of NAs in improving resident care in long-term care settings is highlighted.
Perceptions and needs regarding technologies in nursing homes: An exploratory study
Intelligent videomonitoring and mobile applications are potential technologies that may help prevent and manage older people living with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders but evidence for the needs for technologies in nursing homes is scarce.
Long-Term Care Service Trajectories and Their Predictors for Persons Living With Dementia: Results From a Canadian Study
Reliance on home care and RC by persons with dementia raises critical questions about ensuring that an adequate range of services is available in local communities to support aging in place and to ensure appropriate timing for entry into institutions.
An Action Research to Optimize the Well-Being of Older People in Nursing Homes: Challenges and Strategies for Implementing a Complex Intervention
The feasibility of implementing a complex intervention to optimize older people’s well-being is shown and strategies that may promote the implementation of these types of interventions in NHs are shared.
Meanings of ‘centredness’ in long-term care facilities: a scoping review protocol
This review uses the methodological framework for conducting a scoping review by Arksey and O’Malley to examine the defining attributes, conceptual boundaries and theoretical underpinnings of each centredness term in long-term care.


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