An Overview Perspective on what Déjà Vu is (Part 1)

  title={An Overview Perspective on what D{\'e}j{\`a} Vu is (Part 1)},
  author={Vernon M. Neppe},
  journal={Journal of Psychology & Clinical Psychiatry},
  • Vernon M. Neppe
  • Published 2015
  • Psychology
  • Journal of Psychology & Clinical Psychiatry
  • The French term, 'deja vu', translates literally as "already seen". Neppe's 1979 definition is the universally accepted, carefully derived scientific one: deja vu is "any subjectively inappropriate impression of familiarity of the present experience with an undefined past." Some historical firsts in the area are discussed, as well as some prioritized information about deja vu. The books available-Neppe's 4; Brown; Oesterle in German; and Jones- are mentioned, as well as Kohn's unpublished… CONTINUE READING

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