An Optimized BSCCOIAg Resonator Coil for Utility USC


ABrtlnct-AC coils made \villi 11Sc'CO-2223/hg tapes mid operating in liquid riitrogcn hnvc n polcntinl for powcr rcleted applications, c.g. inductors, trtirisfim" end ciirrerit limiters. IIigh-T, tapes w e nwilable from several ~ I + O ~ I I C C C S , wliilc ~ C C C S S tn tlic coil building know-how is sti l l riithcr liinitetl. 'I'lic relevant knowledge and technology suitable for iiiakiiig HTS coils for 50-60 IIz operntiun is being dcvclopcd as a part of tlic currcnt projcct. T o verify tlic tcchiiology, scvcrnl tcst solcnoids lint1 II first firll-scnlo suh-coil litivc heen ninniifactured. Elcctroningiictic, thcrmiil rinrl riicchriiiicnl analysis of tlic coils i s performed. 'lhc elcctromngnctic analysis fociiscs on tlic rcrliiclion of tlic radial inngriclic field ctiinpuiiciit in the windiiys. Voltngc-current clinrectcristics iiiid the AC loss tltitii obtriined liwiii relcverit short simple mcsisiirciiiciits arc appllcd. A good flgrcciiicnt bclrvcen calculntctl and iiicasiirctl V l cirrws and lnsses nf tlic coils is fnuiicl. A rciiiarknblc incrciisc of thc criticnl current iiiid tlic rcduction of the AC toss fit 1Iw coil crlgcs sirc predictctl iiiid confirincrl expcrimcntnlly. Will1 Chc losscs rlclincd, tlierinnl analysis mid optimiaalioii of tlic cnil structrirc arc perFoormct1 rumcrically fdlowcd by ~ i i c n ~ ~ ~ r c i n c i ~ t ~ for vcrificnlioii. Tlic paper reports on the scrics of coils dcvelupctl tint1 cxptiins the fciitnres uC the projcct.

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