An Optimal Distributed Algorithm for Computing Bridge-Connected

  title={An Optimal Distributed Algorithm for Computing Bridge-Connected},
  author={Pranay Chaudhuri},
  journal={Comput. J.},
Consider a connected undirected graph G =< N , E >, where N is the set of n nodes, and E is the set of e edges. Without loss of generality, I assume N to be {1, 2, . . . , n}. An edge (i, j) ∈ E is a bridge of G if the removal of (i, j) disconnects G. Clearly, the removal of a bridge increases the number of connected components of a graph by one. The bridge-connected components problem consists of "nding the maximal connected subgraphs of G such that none of the subgraphs contains a bridge. The… CONTINUE READING


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