An Optical-Infrared Jet in 3C 133*

  title={An Optical-Infrared Jet in 3C 133*},
  author={David J. E. Floyd and Robert A. Laing and Marco Chiaberge and E. S. Perlman and William B. Sparks and Duccio Macchetto and Juan Pablo Madrid and David J. Axon and Christopher P. O’Dea and S. A. Baum and Alice C. Quillen and George K. Miley and Alessandro Capetti},
  journal={The Astrophysical Journal},
We report the discovery of a new optical-IR synchrotron jet in the radio galaxy 3C 133 from our HST NICMOS snapshot survey. The jet and eastern hot spot are well resolved and visible at both optical and IR wavelengths. The IR jet follows the morphology of the inner part of the radio jet, with three distinct knots identified with features in the radio. The radio-IR SEDs of the knots are examined, along with those of two more distant hot spots at the eastern extreme of the radio feature. The… Expand
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