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An Ontology of Information Structure

  title={An Ontology of Information Structure},
  author={Jerry R. Hobbs}
The answer to the first should be a process diagram, the second a graph, the third a map with routes indicated, and the fourth a photograph. The answer to the last might best be presented in a Gantt chart. Search engines are very much poorer at finding this kind of information, and generally they do so by looking at the associated text. One of the benefits of the Semantic Web should be that this kind of information would be encoded in a fashion that makes it more retrievable, in part by… Expand


A Model for Multimodal Reference Resolution
In this theory, the relations between multimodal representation and spatial deixis, on the one hand, and multi-modal reasoning and deictic inference,on the other, are discussed. Expand
Document Structure
The case for abstract document structure as a separate descriptive level in the analysis and generation of written texts is argued and it is shown that by using this intermediate representation, several subtasks in language generation and language understanding can be defined more cleanly. Expand
On the coherence and structure of discourse
Chomsky, Reflections on Language, p. 13. Between sentence (1) and sentence (2) there is a temporal relation, indicated by “then”, linking two topics Chomsky intends to discuss. Clause (1a) states theExpand
Head-driven phrase structure grammar
This book presents the most complete exposition of the theory of head-driven phrase structure grammar, introduced in the authors' "Information-Based Syntax and Semantics," and demonstrates the applicability of the HPSG approach to a wide range of empirical problems. Expand
Ontological Promiscuity
This paper proposes a logical notation which is first-order and nonintensional, and for which semantic translation can be naively compositional, and makes a statement about the view of semantics that is presupposed by this approach. Expand
Practical Semiotics : A Formal Theory
We address the development of a practical theory of semiotics within the context of the IEEE Standard Upper Ontology effort. The theory has the form of a set of predicates and other terms that areExpand
Commonsense Metaphysics and Lexical Semantics
In the TACITUS system, processes for solving pragmatics problems posed by a text will use the knowledge base consisting of commonsense theories in conjunction with the logical forms of the sentences in the text to produce an interpretation. Expand
Plan-Based Integration of Natural Language and Graphics Generation
The central claim of this paper is that the generation of a multimodal presentation can be considered as an incremental planning process that aims to achieve a given communicative goal. Expand
IT is a rather depressing task for a Catholic to write a technical philosophical essay, for it is improbable that the philosophers whom he criticises wi l l read it . F r Hawkins therefore deservesExpand
Coverage and Competency in Formal Theories: A Commonsense Theory of Memory
A methodology for identifying the coverage requirements of theories through the large-scale analysis of planning strategies, with further refinements made by collecting and categorizing instances of natural language expressions pertaining to the domain. Expand