An Offline Cursive Handwritten Word Recognition System


-This paper describes an offline cursive handwritten word recognition system that combines Hidden Markov Models (HMM) and Neural Networks (NN). Using a fast left-right slicing method, we generate a segmentation graph that describes all possible ways to segment a word into letters. The NN computes the observation probabilities for each letter hypothesis in the segmentation graph. Then, the HMMs compute likelihood for each word in the lexicon by summing the probabilities over all possible paths through the graph. We present the preprocessing and the recognition process as well as the training procedure for the NN-HMM hybrid system. Another recognition system based on discrete HMMs is also presented for performance comparison. The latter is also used for bootstrapping the NN-HMM hybrid system. Recognition performances of the two recognition systems using two image databases of French isolated words are presented. This paper is one of the first publications using the IRONOFF database, and thus will be used as a reference for future work on this database.

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