An Odyssey among the Iroquois: A History of Tutelo Relations in New York

  title={An Odyssey among the Iroquois: A History of Tutelo Relations in New York},
  author={J. C. Vest},
  journal={The American Indian Quarterly},
  pages={124 - 155}
  • J. C. Vest
  • Published 2005
  • The American Indian Quarterly
As suggested in the title “An Odyssey among the Iroquois,” there is an epic sense of classical ironic drama in finding the Tutelo among the Hodenosaunee, Great League of the Iroquois. Classified amid the Monacan Division of eastern Siouan nations, the Tutelo together with the Saponi were known as Nahyssans and they were one of three Monacan tribal confederations during the colonial contact era.1 As aboriginals, these Monacan tribes occupied the Virginia Piedmont, Blue Ridge, and Valley… Expand
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