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An Observation on Tensile Fracture of Wood by Scanning Electron Microscope

  title={An Observation on Tensile Fracture of Wood by Scanning Electron Microscope},
  author={佐伯 浩 and 古川 郁夫 and 原田 浩},
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Hardness and fracture morphology of reaction wood from Pinus merkusii and Agathis loranthifolia

This study aimed to evaluate and compare the fracture morphology in hardness test of compression (CW), lateral (LW), and opposite woods (OW) of Pinus merkusii and Agathis loranthifolia growing in

Fractography of shear failure surface of softwood decayed by brown-rot fungus

In order to investigate shear failure surface of decayed wood, wood pieces of ezomatsu (Picea jezoensis) were exposed to brown-rot fungus (Fomitopsis palustris), and standard shear test in radial

Modeling and simulation of viscoelastic behavior (tensile strain) of wood under moisture change

SummaryA hypothesis was proposed on the mechanism of the characteristic viscoelastic behavior of wood under moisture change. The hypothesis was based on the inference in which the characteristic

On the fine structure of bamboo fibres

SummaryThe thick-walled bamboo fibres exhibit a polylamellate structure with alternating broad and narrow lamellae. Characteristically the cellulose fibrils in the broad lamellae are oriented almost

Fracture Initiation and Progress in Wood Specimens Stressed in Tension. Part II. Compression Wood Specimens Stressed Parallel to the Grain

Spruce compression wood specimens were subjected to in-situ tensile failure tests parallel to the grain in order to study fracture initiation and propagation. Fracturing was carried out inside a SEM