An OFDMA-based New MAC Mechanism for IEEE 802.11ax

  title={An OFDMA-based New MAC Mechanism for IEEE 802.11ax},
  author={G. Islam and M. A. Kashem},
  journal={2018 5th International Conference on Networking, Systems and Security (NSysS)},
  • G. Islam, M. A. Kashem
  • Published 2018
  • Computer Science
  • 2018 5th International Conference on Networking, Systems and Security (NSysS)
Two types of MAC mechanisms namely, random access and reservation can be employed for OFDMA-based wireless LANs. As OFDMA-based wireless networks promise to support heterogeneous applications, researchers assume that applications with and without traffic specifications will coexist. Thus, both reservation-based and random access schemes are required for an OFDMA-based WLAN. Eventually, OFDMA-based wireless LAN will deploy hybrid MAC mechanisms inheriting traits from random access and… Expand
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