An O(n²(m + n log n)log n) min-cost flow algorithm

  title={An O(n²(m + n log n)log n) min-cost flow algorithm},
  author={Zvi Galil and {\'E}va Tardos},
  journal={J. ACM},
The minimum-cost flow problem is: Given a network with <italic>n</italic> vertices and <italic>m</italic> edges, find a maximum flow of minimum cost. Many network problems are easily reducible to this problem. A polynomial-time algorithm for the problem has been known for some time, but only recently a strongly polynomial algorithm was discovered. In this paper an <italic>O</italic>(<italic>n</italic><supscrpt>2</supscrpt>(<italic>m</italic> + <italic>n</italic> log <italic>n</italic>)log… CONTINUE READING