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An NLP Approach to a Specific Type of Texts: Car Accident Reports

  title={An NLP Approach to a Specific Type of Texts: Car Accident Reports},
  author={Dominique Estival and Françoise Gayral},
The work reported here is the result of a study done within a larger project on the ``Semantics of Natural Languages'' viewed from the field of Artificial Intelligence and Computational Linguistics. In this project, we have chosen a corpus of insurance claim reports. These texts deal with a relatively circumscribed domain, that of road traffic, thereby limiting the extra-linguistic knowledge necessary to understand them. Moreover, these texts present a number of very specific characteristics… 

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Contexte et inférence

Dans cet article, nous etudions plus particulierement les possibilites d'inferences permises par les contraintes imposees par le genre des textes de constats d'accidents. Nous determinons d'abord

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