An Investigation of the Incidence of Client-Perpetrated Sexual Violence Against Male Sex Workers

  title={An Investigation of the Incidence of Client-Perpetrated Sexual Violence Against Male Sex Workers},
  author={Joanna Jamel},
  journal={International Journal of Sexual Health},
  pages={63 - 78}
  • Joanna Jamel
  • Published 2011
  • Psychology
  • International Journal of Sexual Health
ABSTRACT This article discusses exploratory research investigating the incidence and context of client-perpetrated sexual violence against male sex workers. Four different methods (Web-based surveys, tick-box questionnaires, telephone, and face-to-face interviews) were employed in this study of 50 male escorts. The qualitative data were analyzed using an adapted form of grounded theory. It was found that client-perpetrated sexual violence within male sex work appears to be uncommon. However… Expand
Violence Against Male Sex Workers: A Systematic Scoping Review of Quantitative Data
  • G. Raine
  • Medicine
  • Journal of homosexuality
  • 2019
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