An Investigation of Fracture Loads of Acrylic Base Plates Reinforced, Non-reinforced and Prepared in Different Palatal Shapes Farkli Damak Şeki̇lleri̇nde Takvi̇ye Edi̇len Ve Edi̇lmeyen Kai̇de Plaklarinin Kirilma Kuvvetleri̇ni̇n İncelenmesi̇


Maxillary denture bases having three types of palatal vault shapes –shallow, medium and deep– were used in this study. The reinforced materials used were the round metal wire-diametered in 1.50 mm, semirounded metal wire -thickened 1.50×0.75 mmand the stainless steel mesh (70mmx2.5mmx2.5mm). A total of 132 acrylic denture bases were prepared with the… (More)


8 Figures and Tables

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