An Inverse Electron-DemandDiels-Alder-Based Total Synthesis of Urolithin M7

  title={An Inverse Electron-DemandDiels-Alder-Based Total Synthesis of Urolithin M7},
  author={I. Pottie and Penchal Reddy Nandaluru and G. Bodwell},
Adventitious root cultures of Decalepis salicifolia for the production of 2-hydroxy-4-methoxybenzaldehyde, a vanillin isomer flavor metabolite.
The established adventitious root culture system is suitable for further large-scale production of 2H4MB for flavor and fragrance industrial applications and showed stable production of biomass and 2H 4MB production over 2 years. Expand
Decalepis salicifolia (Bedd. ex Hook. f.) Venter: A steno-endemic and critically endangered medicinal and aromatic plant from Western Ghats, India.
The present review has brought out the available information till date on D. salicifolia, including taxonomy, ethno-medicinal uses, phytochemistry, pharmacology, population status, and conservation efforts along with research gap and lacunae to provide direction for further research into this less explored medicinal and aromatic plant. Expand
Ellagic Acid-Derived Urolithins as Modulators of Oxidative Stress
Urolithins were shown to be powerful modulators of oxidative stress and agents with potential anti-inflammatory, antiproliferative, and antiaging properties and a few synthetic derivatives of urolithin derivatives were recognized as lead compounds for new drug development. Expand
Solvent free synthesis of 1-alkoxyphosphonium chlorides for stereoselective multipurpose vinyl ethers
Abstract An efficient solvent free method is developed for the preparation of structurally diverse 1-alkoxymethylphosphonium chlorides in high yield. One of the prepared salts derived from (1Expand
Palladium-Catalyzed, N-(2-Aminophenyl)acetamide-Assisted Ortho-Arylation of Substituted Benzamides: Application to the Synthesis of Urolithins B, M6, and M7.
Pd-catalyzed, selective, monoarylation of ortho-C-H bonds of various benzamides with aryl/heteroaryl iodides has been realized using N-(2-aminophenyl)acetamide (APA) as a new bidentate directingExpand
A metal-free one-pot synthesis of benzo[c]chromen-6-ones from 3,4-dichlorocoumarins and butadienes using tandem photo-thermal-photo reactions.
An efficient, simple and versatile synthesis of biologically valuable benzo[c]chromen-6-ones is achieved using a tandem photo-thermal-photo reaction sequence starting from 3,4-dichlorocoumarins and aExpand
Chemical composition of root aroma of Decalepisarayalpathra (J. Joseph and V. Chandras.) Venter, an endemic and endangered ethnomedicinal plant from Western Ghats, India
Owing to characteristicVanillin-like flavour, the root oil of the D. arayalpathra can be explored as a potential substitute of vanillin-aroma in the flavour industry. Expand
Natural Dibenzo-α-Pyrones and Their Bioactivities
This mini-review aims to briefly summarize the occurrence, biosynthesis, biotransformation, as well as their biological activities and functions of dibenzo-α-pyrones. Expand