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An Invariant of Virtual Trivalent Spatial Graphs

  title={An Invariant of Virtual Trivalent Spatial Graphs},
  author={Nancy C. Scherich and Sherilyn Tamagawa},
We create an invariant of virtual Y -oriented trivalent spatial graphs using colorings by virtual Niebrzydowski algebras. This paper generalizes the color invariants using virtual tribrackets and Niebrzydowski algebras by Nelson and Pico, and Graves, Nelson, and the second author. We provide usable data sets of Latin Cubes and virtual Niebrzydowski algebras for computational implementation. 

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Virtual Niebrzydowski algebras, a GitHub repository

  • https://github.com/nscherich/virtual-Niebrzydowski-algebras,
  • 2021

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  • 1999

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