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An Intuitive Explanation of Fourier Theory

  title={An Intuitive Explanation of Fourier Theory},
  author={Steve Lehar},
Fourier’s theorem is used fairly extensively to design and simplify psychophysical experiments. Consequently, It is useful to understand some of the basic ideas behind it. Fourier theory states that any visual stimulus in space or time can be expressed as a sum of a series of spatial and temporal sinusoids. In the spatial “domain”, these are sinusoidal variations in brightness across the image. For example, the sinusoidal pattern shown below can be captured in a single Fourier term that encodes… 


Spatial light modulators in conjunction with a 4-f Fourier Optical System provide a versatile way to study images and how they appear when modified with optical filters. We sought to develop a

A portable laser photostimulation and imaging microscope

A compact microscope that uses a spatial light modulator (SLM) to control the excitation laser light and can be used for laser imaging or photostimulation, supplanting the need for an elaborate optical setup.

Investigating the Impact of Image Content on the Energy Efficiency of Hardware-accelerated Digital Spatial Filters

This article presents results from an investigation into assessing the impact of spatial frequency, phase, amplitude, and orientation of a digital image on the energy efficiency of hardware-accelerated spatial filters employed to process the same image.

Infrared Video Tracker : A Study of the Effects of Spatio-temporal Processing on Target Tracking

Group 108 at MIT Lincoln Laboratory focuses on understanding air defense issues in the United States Air Force. Group 108 extracts the infrared (IR) signatures of targets from IR video captured by IR

Ablation Plume Dynamics of DIVE Ablation at Water-Air Interfaces

Medical lasers can significantly contribute to minimal invasive procedures in surgery, since lasers can basically cut at the level of a single cell. However, ablation of tissue with a laser involves

The impact of thermal imaging camera display quality on fire fighter task performance

Title of Document: THE IMPACT OF THERMAL IMAGING CAMERA DISPLAY QUALITY ON FIRE FIGHTER TASK PERFORMANCE Justin Lawrence Rowe, Master of Science, 2008 Directed By: Associate Professor Dr. Frederick

Biometric Image Recognition Based on Optical Correlator

ABiometric images recognition system able to recognize biometric images-eye and DNA marker and Cambridge optical correlator is used as an image comparator based on similarity of images in the recognition phase.