An Introduction to Survival Analysis using Stata

  title={An Introduction to Survival Analysis using Stata},
  author={Thomas Lumley},
  journal={Journal of Statistical Software},
  • T. Lumley
  • Published 9 March 2005
  • Computer Science
  • Journal of Statistical Software


German food retailing is characterized by fierce competition among retail chains for consumer shopping. This paper considers the switching behaviour using data of white dairy product purchases. The

Adopción de tecnología de distribución y control del agua en las Comunidades de Regantes de la Región de Murcia

The present paper analyses the process of adopting water management and control technology in the irrigation communities in the region of Murcia from 1975 to 2005. Duration Analysis has been used to

The Series Hazard Model: An Alternative to Time Series for Event Data

The series hazard model is introduced as an alternative to interrupted time series when testing for the effects of an intervention on event-based outcomes and is compared to the two approaches through an example that examines theeffects of two interventions on aerial hijacking.

The CAPRA-S score versus subtypes of minimal residual disease to predict biochemical failure after radical prostatectomy

The MRD prognostic classification was superior to the CAPRA-S score in predicting BFFS and differentiated between early and late BF, which need to be confirmed in larger studies.

The CAPRA score versus sub-types of minimal residual disease to predict biochemical failure after external beam radiotherapy

The MRD prognostic classification is based on the biological characteristics of the tumour cell-microenvironment interaction and proved to be superior to the CAPRA score in predicting biochemical failure and the results need to be confirmed in larger studies.

Survival Analysis for the Adjustment Phase Following Investment in Swiss Dairy Sheds

It is concluded that the use of family labour after investment should be addressed more thoroughly during the planning process prior to an investment to improve the likelihood of reattaining the imputed profit.

Litigation and the timing of settlement: evidence from commercial disputes

Although an overwhelming proportion of all legal disputes end in settlement, the determinants of the timing of settlement remain empirically underexplored. We draw on a novel dataset on the duration

The Effect of the Bologna Process on the Duration of Studies

There is a favorable impact of being enrolled in a bachelor program on the probability of dropping out of university for students enrolled at the faculty of humanities, but the results concerning university drop out are less conclusive for the other faculties.