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An Introduction to Reliability and Maintainability Engineering

  title={An Introduction to Reliability and Maintainability Engineering},
  author={Charles E. Ebeling},
Part 1 Basic reliability models: the failure distribution constant failure rate model time-dependent failure models reliability of systems state dependent systems physical reliability models design for reliability maintainability design for maintainability availability. Part 2 The analysis of failure data: data collection and empirical methods reliabilty testing reliability growth testing identifying failure and repair distribution goodness-of-fit tests. Part 3 Application: reliability… 

Improvement of system availability using reliability and maintainability analysis

System reliability, maintainability and availability have assumed great significance in recent years due to a competitive environment and overall operating and production costs. Performance of equi

Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability

  • F. Joglar
  • Engineering, Environmental Science
  • 2016
As the use of risk-informed, performance based methods increases, fire protection researchers and engineers continue to improve and apply reliability, availability, and maintenance methods and techniques in the field.

A method for reliability allocation with confidence level

One of the important reliability activities in Design for Reliability (DFR) is system reliability allocation at the early product design stage. Usually system reliability is given as a product

Mean failure mass and mean failure repair time: parameters linking reliability, maintainability and supportability

Up to now, no parameters linking reliability, maintainability and supportability directly are available in reliability engineering. Index such as availability can be used to check the compatibility

The preliminary investigation of system reliability and maintainability to develop availability sound designs

Due to the increasing complexity of modern engineering systems, availability is more and more emphasized when systems are used. In order to develop availability sound products, this paper presents a

Reliability and Maintainability Improvement of Substations With Aging Infrastructure

The increasing size, aging equipment, and complexity of power systems, coupled with present day financial constraints, have made the use of probabilistic methods and reliability indices a necessity

Modern Diagnostic Techniques and Mathematical Models of Reaching High Reliability and Safety in Engineering Systems during Design and Tests of Developmental Prototypes

A new approach to and technique of calculation of the design reliability is proposed, taking into account both kinds of failure rates, those that are constant and those that change over time, for high reliability and safety in engineering systems during the design and testing of developmental prototypes.

Comprehensive Complexity-Based Failure Modeling for Maintainability and Serviceability

Failures are the primary triggers for repair and maintenance actions. A clear definition of failure events is important in order to improve maintainability and serviceability. A comprehensive

Design and operational maintainability importance measures — A case study

The aim of this paper is to define maintainability importance measures in order to find the criticality of each component or subsystem from the maintainability point of view.