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An Introduction to Islamic Law

  title={An Introduction to Islamic Law},
  author={Salma Taman},
  journal={European Journal of Law Reform},
  • Salma Taman
  • Published 2014
  • Political Science
  • European Journal of Law Reform
Description: Islamic law, the sacred law of Islam grounded in the Qur!!n, the practice of the Prophet Mu"ammad, and the writings of Muslim scholars and jurists, stretches back nearly 1500 years. In this course, we will explore various aspects of Islamic law as seen through the eyes of one of the great minds of the Middle Ages, Ibn Rushd (known to the West as Averroës, d. 1196). Based on readings from Ibn Rushd’s handbook of Islamic law, The Distinguished Jurist’s Primer (Bid!yat al-mujtahid… Expand
Contemporary Islamic Law between Tradition and Challenges of Modernity: Some Examples Worth Consideration
Islamic law is a perfect divine law; therefore, man cannot change it. This law was once and for all given to people to be fulfilled as something fixed and immutable. Man can only interpret andExpand
Sources of Normative Islamic Law
Islamic law is derived from revelation, either in the form of the Qur’┐ n or the Sunnah. Despite differences in details of interpretations, Qur’┐ n and Sunnah are the primary sources of Islamic Law.Expand
The Discourse and Practice of Islamic Family Law in Indonesia
Family law is the most powerful law practiced in Islamic history, but this does not mean that it avoids the demands of changing times. Today, there are no less than thirteen problems related toExpand
Law and Power in the Islamic World
The Islamic legal code (shari‘a) is not just a law but a “total discourse” (p. 3) on family, morality, ritual, politics, and business. This six-chapter work gives an analytical account of theExpand
Applying Islamic Norms in Europe: The Example of Bosnian Muslims
Abstract Is Islamic law still valid in Europe? This paper argues “yes”—though not in the form of hard “law” but rather in the form of soft “norms” which are not state-sanctioned, but still carryExpand
Islamic constitutionalism and rule of law: a constitutional economics perspective
This study investigates the relationship between Islamic constitutionalism and rule of law. Al Azhar, one of the most respected Sunni religious institutions in the world, developed a model of anExpand
Written and Oral in Islamic Law: Documentary Evidence and Non-Muslims in Moroccan Shari‘a Courts
Abstract This article begins from the premise that the margins can shine light on the center, and uses the experience of Jews (thought of as marginal in the Islamic world) in Moroccan courtsExpand
Legal Maxims in Islamic and Late Roman Law
Legal maxims (qawā ʿ id) have been, especially after the contributions of Joseph Schacht to the understanding of the beginnings of Islamic Law, a popular area of research in Islamic studies. CertainExpand
British-Muslim Family Law as a Site of Citizenship
The Archbishop of Canterbury’s speech on ‘Civil and Religious Law in England’, delivered a decade ago, attracted considerable public and academic attention. In the years that followed a ‘ShariaExpand
Modern Perspectives on Islamic Law
This well-informed book explains, reflects on and analyses Islamic law, not only in the classical legal tradition of Sharia, but also its modern, contemporary context. The book explores the role ofExpand


An introduction to Islamic law
An Introduction to Islamic Law presents a broad account of our present knowledge of the history and outlines of the system of Islamic law. It is not intended in the first place for specialists,Expand
Colonizing the Muslim world and its Shariʿa
The British in India Until the eighteenth century in India, and the early nineteenth century in the Ottoman Empire, Islamic law and local customs reigned supreme, both having long been a way of life.Expand
Rethinking Islam: Common Questions, Uncommon Answers
Imagining Islam Islam and Muslims Church and State secularism nationalism revelation the Qu'ran exegesis Muhammed Hadith tradition the ideal community women dogmas sacerdotal power authority Judaism,Expand
Shariʿa then and now: concluding notes
Law and Power in the Islamic World
The Production of Knowledge and the Reproduction of the A " y ! n in Medieval Damascus
  • Madarasa : La Transmission du Savoir dans le Monde Musulman
  • 1994
The Production of Knowledge and the Reproduction of the A " y ! n in Medieval Damascus
  • Madarasa : La Transmission du Savoir dans le Monde Musulman
  • 1994
Gendering the Ungendered Body : Hermaphrodites in Medieval Islamic Law
  • Women in Middle Eastern History : Shifting Boundaries in Sex and Gender
  • 1981
Some Other Introductions to Islamic Law N
  • W 14 -W 21 Final examinations Select Bibliography Izzi Dien, Islamic Law: From Historical Foundations to Contemporary Practice
  • 1949
Law and Courts in the Ottoman Empire
  • Law and Courts in the Ottoman Empire