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An Introduction to DoSStoolkit

  title={An Introduction to DoSStoolkit},
  author={Rohan Alexander and Samantha-Jo Caetano and Haoluan Chen and Michael Chong and Annie Collins and Shirley Deng and Isaac Ehrlich and Paul Hodgetts and Yena Joo and Marija Pejcinovska and Mariam Walaa and Matthew Wankiewicz},
We describe a series of interactive, student-developed, self-paced, modules for learning R. We detail the components of this resource, and the pedagogical underpinning. We discuss the development of this resource, and avenues for future work. Our resource is available as an R package: DoSStoolkit 



Ten quick tips for creating an effective lesson

10 tips for building effective lessons that are grounded in empirical research on pedagogy and cognitive psychology and that have been practically useful in both classroom and free-range settings are presented.

Learning by Teaching Others: a Qualitative Study Exploring the Benefits of Peer Teaching

This research explores how peer-to-peer teaching, a form of collaborative learning, can enhance student learning in non-studio landscape architecture courses by integrating the learning-by-doing

COVID-19 Remote Learning Transition in Spring 2020: Class Structures, Student Perceptions, and Inequality in College Courses

The COVID-19 pandemic forced all face-to-face college courses to transition to remote instruction. This article explores instructional techniques used in the transition, student perceptions of

Peer-to-peer Teaching in Higher Education: A Critical Literature Review

The aim of my critical literature review is to identify studies where students are engaged as partners in teaching in higher education and to analyze how tutors and tutees benefit from peer teaching.

ggplot2 - Elegant Graphics for Data Analysis

This book describes ggplot2, a new data visualization package for R that uses the insights from Leland Wilkisons Grammar of Graphics to create a powerful and flexible system for creating data

E-Learning and Disability in Higher Education: Accessibility Research and Practice

The role of and advice for the key stakeholders involved in e-learning provision are considered: lecturers, learning technologists, student suport services, staff developers and senior managers and the impact of accessibility legislation, guidelines and standards on current e- learning practices are considered.

R: A language and environment for statistical computing.

Copyright (©) 1999–2012 R Foundation for Statistical Computing. Permission is granted to make and distribute verbatim copies of this manual provided the copyright notice and this permission notice

Welcome to the Tidyverse

This is a list of winners and nominees for the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Shiny: Web Application Framework for r

  • https://CRAN.R-project.org/package=shiny.
  • 2021