An Introduction to Boundary Layer Meteorology

  title={An Introduction to Boundary Layer Meteorology},
  author={Roland B. Stull},
  • R. Stull
  • Published 31 July 1988
  • Mathematics
1 Mean Boundary Layer Characteristics.- 1.1 A boundary-layer definition.- 1.2 Wind and flow.- 1.3 Turbulent transport.- 1.4 Taylor's hypothesis.- 1.5 Virtual potential temperature.- 1.6 Boundaiy layer depth and structure.- 1.7 Micrometeorology.- 1.8 Significance of the boundary layer.- 1.9 General references.- 1.10 References for this chapter.- 1.11 Exercises.- 2 Some Mathematical and Conceptual Tools: Part 1. Statistics.- 2.1 The significance of turbulence and its spectrum.- 2.2 The spectral… Expand
The Effect of Atmospheric Stability on the Surface-Layer Characteristics in a Low-Wind Area of Tropical West Africa
This study details the observed effects ofatmospheric stability on characteristics of thesurface layer in a low wind speed (U = 1.5 m s-1)regime of tropical West Africa. Theaerodynamic roughnessExpand
The turbulent structure and diurnal growth of the Saharan 1 atmospheric boundary layer 2 3
13 The turbulent structure and growth of the remote Saharan atmospheric boundary layer 14 (ABL) is described with in situ radiosonde and aircraft measurements and a large-eddy 15 simulation model. AExpand
Characteristics of secondary circulations in the convective boundary layer over two-dimensional heterogeneous surfaces
Large-eddy simulations are conducted to investigate the impacts of the scale of chessboard-like heterogeneous surface heating and the background wind on secondary circulations (SCs) in the convectiveExpand
Dynamics of the Atmosphere: A Course in Theoretical Meteorology
Preface M1. Algebra of vectors M2. Vector functions M3. Differential relations M4. Coordinate transformations M5. The method of covariant differentiation M6. Integral operations M7. Introduction toExpand
Local pressure-transport structure in a convective atmospheric boundary layer
Local pressure-transport structure in a convective atmospheric boundary layer is studied through large-eddy simulation and a conditional sampling technique. Two cases are simulated: A free-convectionExpand
Turbulence Structure of the Hurricane Boundary Layer between the Outer Rainbands
Abstract As part of the Coupled Boundary Layers Air–Sea Transfer (CBLAST)-Hurricane program, flights were conducted to directly measure turbulent fluxes and turbulence properties in the high-windExpand
An Introduction to Global Spectral Modeling
Introduction An Introduction to Finite Differencing 2.1 Introduction 2.2 Application of Taylor's Series to Finite Differencing 2.3 Forward and Backward Differencing 2.4 Centered Finite DifferencingExpand
Steady RANS model of the homogeneous atmospheric boundary layer
Abstract A computational model was proposed to simulate the homogeneous atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) above rural, suburban and urban flat terrains for the neutral thermal stratification of theExpand
The Prandtl, Obukhov, and Monin andObukhov similarity theories are widely used todescribe the structure of turbulence in theatmospheric surface layer. Currently it isunderstood that in strongExpand
Response of surface boundary layer parameters during the formation of thunderstorms over Cochin
Abstract In the present study we made a detailed analysis of the surface ABL parameters associated with three thunderstorms that occurred over Cochin during pre-monsoon season. The high-resolutionExpand