An Interview with Edward R. Tufte

  title={An Interview with Edward R. Tufte},
  author={M. Zachry and Charlotte Thralls},
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Widely read in many areas, including technical communication, Edward R. Tufte is arguably the preeminent authority on data and statistical visualization. His influential book, The Visual Display of Quantitative Information (1983), appeared over two decades ago. Since then, two additional books, Envisioning Information (1990) and Visual Explanations (1997), along with a provocative, critical essay on Microsoft’s PowerPoint (2003) software, have established Tufte as one of the most visible of… Expand
The Visual Rhetoric of Data Displays: The Conundrum of Clarity
  • C. Kostelnick
  • Psychology
  • IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication
  • 2007
The Visual Rhetoric of Data Displays: The Conundrum of Clarity*
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