An Interview with Christopher Lasch

  title={An Interview with Christopher Lasch},
  author={Peggy Brawer and Sergio Benvenuto},
  pages={124 - 135}
Benvenuto: Your book, The True and Only Heaven: Progress and its Critics, is about to be published. What does the title mean? Lasch: It comes from a story by Hawthorne. It tries to reconstruct a tradition of “populist” as opposed to more familiar conservative critiques of progress. What I mean is a kind of social thought and action often embodied in 19th century movements primarily of farmers but also artisans, craftsmen and skilled workers. I also argue that, in some sense, early 20th century… 
The Historian As a Social Critic: Christopher Lasch and the Uses of History
WHAT IS THE PURPOSE of writing history for a wide audience? Most academic historians evade the question by simply publishing for their peers in academic journals. These journals at times contain rich
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This essay analyzes Max Weber’s place in post-World War II US social thought, when Englishlanguage translations, interpretations, and applications of his work proliferated and it became widely known