An Interview With Lewis Binford

  title={An Interview With Lewis Binford},
  author={Colin Renfrew},
  journal={Current Anthropology},
  pages={683 - 694}
  • C. Renfrew
  • Published 1 December 1987
  • Sociology
  • Current Anthropology
Una entrevista con Antonio Gilman Guillén. Primera parte
Antonio Gilman Guillen, Professor Emeritus at Califor­nia State University-Northridge (USA) was born in Newton (Massachusetts, USA) in 1944, son of the hispanist Stephen Gilman and Teresa Guillen,
Excavating Communities: Lewis R. Binford and the Interpretation of the Archaeological Record in Illinois
ABSTRACT Lewis Binford’s contributions to field archaeology have been largely ignored in favor of his many contributions to theoretical issues dominating the discipline of archaeology at the end of
Lewis Binford and his moral majority
This essay looks at the late Lewis Binford's career from the standpoint of sociology of science. His thinking and manner reflect his socialization in Virginia Baptist subculture. As convinced of his
On the definition of Geoarchaeology
Two variations of the integration of geology and archaeology have been proposed in the literature—archaeological geology and geoarchaeology. However, there is no agreement among practitioners as to
Speech Origin: A Review
First, the evolutionary history of the vocal organs is reconstructed by combining comparative anatomical and physiological data with paleontological ones, and the latter are taken to reconstruct some other traits in ancestral species, like brain and skull base morphology.
Symbolism in the Early Palaeolithic: A Conceptual Odyssey
Archaeologists have been naive to expect that symbolic behaviour can be inferred more or less directly from the characteristics of an archaeological record. This article examines various construals
Human Behavioural Evolution: A Physiomorphic Model
HOUBOLT, J. H. I940. Bijdrage tot de kennis van de verspreiding van Paleolithische artefakten i Nederlandsch-Indie. Tijdschrift voor Indische Taal-, Landen Volkenkunde 80:6I4-17. H U T T E R E R, K.