An International Perspective on Topics in Sports Medicine and Sports Injury

  title={An International Perspective on Topics in Sports Medicine and Sports Injury},
  author={Kenneth R. Zaslav},
The effect of time of day on adolescent fast bowling performance: A pilot study
The game of cricket is played at various times of the day and no studies have investigated the time of day effects on perceptual, physical and performance measures of cricketers. Therefore, the
The results indicate that medical thermography can be used as a good method of follow-up in consolidated fractures that present painful symptoms in a 49 year old female athlete who had an intense manifestation of pain at the fracture site after the time period after bone repair process.
Short-Term Effect of Manual Therapy & Taping on Subacute Ankle Sprains with Potential Syndesmotic Sprain: A Case Series
A multimodal approach for patients diagnosed clinically with high-grade ankle sprains and concern for syndesmotic sprain was useful to immediately reduce pain and improve function, and improvements were maintained throughout the duration of care.
Footwear outsole temperature may be more related to plantar pressure during a prolonged run than foot temperature
Footwear outsole temperature may be better related to plantar pressure distribution than sole of the foot temperature, in the forefoot and rearfoot.
Past physical activity and its influence on female functioning during perimenopause.
To assess correlations between practising sports at an elite level at a young age, and the current physical activity level, selected sociometric features and the severity of menopausal symptoms in women during perimenopause, which will contribute to the knowledge about undertaking sports activity.
Clinical and diagnostic imaging findings in police working dogs referred for hip osteoarthritis
Police working dogs presented with complaints related to hip OA at an early stage of the disease, with moderate cases showing lower thigh girth and worse pain interference and severity, and function scores than mild cases.
Does repeated dry sauna bathing change thermoregulation process in elite cross-country skiers?
It is concluded that ten finnish dry sauna baths can induce weak changes in the superficial temperature distributions following exercise test, a certain decrease in resting heart rate and small increase in plasma volume in the elite cross-country skiers.
Effect of 12 weeks aerobic, resistance and combined trainings on serum levels of NGF in diabetic patients with peripheral neuropathy
The regular training increases the levels of NGF and prevents the development of peripheral neuropathy.
Assessment of knowledge, attitudes and practices in coaches regarding musculoskeletal sport injuries and sports safety measure use among sports participants
Coaching is an interactive process that helps sport participants & athletes to learn, improve, or take performance to better level. Sports participation has risks of sports injury which can be