An Interactive Augmented Reality Battleship Game Implementation


Serious Games have acquired an unquestionable position in a wide domain of applications. An illustration of these timeless games is Battleship. Despite being recognized as a traditional pencil and paper game, there have been numerous commercial proposals under the form of both board and video games. The authors’ vision consisted in modelling Battleship in a computerized form, both logic and graphical user interface, taking advantage of the augmented reality possibilities, providing a solid, flexible and interactive support for logical and strategically reasoning learning. By using the ARToolkit framework, it became possible to add game objects as augmented reality. This approach enhances system usability and closes the gap between reality and traditional computer virtual entities. All expected results were successfully accomplished, and all initially formulated hypotheses were in effect corroborated. The most important achieved result consists in intuitive system usage and game play, mainly due to the employment of augmented reality.

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