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An Intelligent Video Surveillance Framework for Remote Monitoring

  title={An Intelligent Video Surveillance Framework for Remote Monitoring},
  author={M. Sivarathinabala and S. Abirami},
Video Surveillance has been used in many applications including elderly care and home nursing etc. This paper intends to develop an intelligent video surveillance system to enable remote monitoring of real time scenarios. This system introduces intelligent analysis of single person activity to enhance the security system in home and also enriches the current video surveillance systems through an automatic identification of abnormal behavior of the person. The relevant data is recorded and alert… 

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This project uses a robust motion detection algorithm for real time motion detection by considering and information, i.e., video that contains motion in the scene that can be done with a web camera and a DSP algorithm that detects motion.

A Motion Detection Based Surveillance System (MDSS)

  • Atif Ali KhanMuneeb Iqbal
  • Computer Science
    2011 First International Conference on Informatics and Computational Intelligence
  • 2011
This paper concentrates on developing a computer based system which would replace human eye in surveillance, implemented to detect intruders and notify humans about the unexpected motion using SMS and email communication technologies.

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The nearest distance of two regions was proposed and it was satisfying for region combination and the proposed algorithm is automatic and efficient in intelligent surveillance applications.

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A group activity detection algorithm which can handle symmetric and asymmetric group activities, and it is demonstrated that this approach enables the detection of hierarchical interactions between people.

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A background subtraction technique has been employed in this work as it is able to provide complete silhouettes of the moving objects and it is extremely sensitive to dynamic changes such as change of illumination.

Fusion of background estimation approaches for motion detection in non-static backgrounds

A background estimation technique for motion detection in non-static backgrounds that overcomes the major challenges for background modelling and shows that fusion of the detections of these two complementary approaches, improves the quality and reliability of the detection results.

Real-time background subtraction for video surveillance: From research to reality

This paper reviews and evaluates performance of few common background subtraction algorithms which are medianbased, Gaussian-based and Kernel density-based approaches. These algorithms are tested