An Intelligent Intrusion Detection and Prevention System for Safeguard Mobile Adhoc Networks against Malicious Nodes

  title={An Intelligent Intrusion Detection and Prevention System for Safeguard Mobile Adhoc Networks against Malicious Nodes},
  author={Opinder Singh and Jay P. Singh and Ravinder Singh},
  journal={Indian journal of science and technology},
Objectives: Mobile Adhoc Networks (MANETs) due to their dynamic topology are more liable to have security problems. These Adhoc Networks are easily susceptible to various types of attacker nodes. Out of the numerous attacks black hole, flooding and selective packet drop attacks are more hazardous attacks which reduce the performance of network under various parameters. Due to this problem, there is a need to develop a new approach for mitigating these attacker nodes simultaneously to improve… 

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  • B. Ananthi, S. Sutha
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    International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology
  • 2019
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