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An Integrated Switching Technique for Minimizing Power Consumption Using MDFSD in Domino Logic System

  title={An Integrated Switching Technique for Minimizing Power Consumption Using MDFSD in Domino Logic System},
  author={Jagan Muralidharan and Dr. P. Mamimegalai},
A domino logic technique is designed to meet the critical concern of the VLSI era with convenience and high microelectronic devices, power consumption of the digital circuit. The design and circuit performance improves the power consumption, area and delay of the circuit. If there is a path delay in wide fan multiplexers, then path reads out becomes more difficult and there is high power consumption due to switching activity, also it has high noise immunity in the dynamic gates. At a lower… 
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Current Comparison Domino based CHSK Domino Logic Technique for Rapid Progression and Low Power Alleviation
The proposed domino logic is developed with the combination of Current Comparison Domino (CCD) logic and Conditional High Speed Keeper (CHSK)Domino logic to improve the performance metrics like power, delay and noise immunity and based on the parasitic capacitance.


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The programmable logic array (PLA) is a basic and important building circuit for VLSI chips. Operating behaviors of several conventional PLAs are analyzed first to find out their speed and power
Bitline Techniques With Dual Dynamic Nodes for Low-Power Register Files
Comparison analysis through simulations and measurement results suggests that the new footer voltage feedforward domino and static-switching pulse domino designs for dynamic multiplexers can be advantageous in terms of both read power and noise immunity.
A Novel Variation-Tolerant Keeper Architecture for High-Performance Low-Power Wide Fan-In Dynamic or Gates
A novel variation-tolerant keeper architecture is proposed, which is capable of significantly reducing contention and improving performance and power consumption and exhibits the lowest delay deviation under different levels of process variations.
A Simple Circuit Approach to Reduce Delay Variations in Domino Logic Gates
A simple modified keeper is proposed to reduce the loop gain while keeping the same silicon area, noise margin, and nominal performance and the resulting delay variations associated with keeper insertion are shown to be lowered by approximately 50%.
Adaptive Keeper Design for Dynamic Logic Circuits Using Rate Sensing Technique
An adaptive keeper technique called rate sensing keeper (RSK) is proposed that enables faster switching and tracks the variation across different process corners and gives superior performance compared to the other alternatives such as Conditional Keeper (CKP) and current mirror-based keeper (LCR).
Energy-efficient noise-tolerant dynamic styles for scaled-down CMOS and MTCMOS technologies
A new high-speed domino circuit, called HS-Domino, which resolves the tradeoff between performance and reliability in conventional CD-domino logic while dissipating low dynamic power with minimal area overhead and extends domino's operation in the deep submicron regime.
Single-Phase SP-Domino: A Limited-Switching Dynamic Circuit Technique for Low-Power Wide Fan-in Logic Gates
A new limited-switching clock-delayed dynamic circuit technique, called SP-Domino, is presented, which achieves static-like switching behavior, while maintaining the low-area and high-performance characteristics of wide fan-in dynamic gates.
Energy-Efficient Noise-Tolerant Dynamic Styles for
A new high-speed Domino circuit, called HS-Domino has been developed, which extends Domino's operation in the deep submicron regime while dissipating low dynamic power with minimal area over- head.
A simple keeper topology to reduce delay variations in nanometer domino logic
The proposed strategy reduces the loop gain associated with this feedback loop, and hence its impact on delay variations, and thus delay variations associated with the keeper insertion are lowered by approximately 50%, with no penalty in area, noise margin and nominal performance.
High-speed dynamic logic styles for scaled-down CMOS and MTCMOS technologies
  • M. Allam, M. Anis, M. Elmasry
  • Engineering
    ISLPED'00: Proceedings of the 2000 International Symposium on Low Power Electronics and Design (Cat. No.00TH8514)
  • 2000
A new high-speed domino circuit, called HS-Domino is developed. HS-Domino resolves the trade-off between performance and noise margins in conventional CD-Domino logic while dissipating low dynamic