An Integrated Model to Control Traffic Lights: Controlling of Traffic Lights in Multiple Intersections using Fuzzy Logic and Genetic Algorithm

  title={An Integrated Model to Control Traffic Lights: Controlling of Traffic Lights in Multiple Intersections using Fuzzy Logic and Genetic Algorithm},
  author={Khaled Abdul Rahman Jomaa and Cheng jack Kie},
  journal={Asian Journal of Business and management},
  • K. Jomaa, C. Kie
  • Published 15 February 2017
  • Computer Science, Business
  • Asian Journal of Business and management
In this paper we propose an integrated model combines Fuzzy Logic (FL) and Genetic Algorithm (GA), utilizing their applications in order to minimize the traffic congestion and traffic delay, through controlling traffic light system in three proposed traffic intersections. The proposed model in this paper will adjust the timing and phasing of the green traffic lights according to the current situation in the proposed traffic intersections; each intersection is supposed to be controlled by… 

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